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Sports Safari 2

Is your toddler ready for more advanced instruction and activity? Sports 2 is an energetic Better Together toddler development class designed to playfully explore the world of sports and help develop your child’s gross motor skills while having fun with balance, strength, and agility activities. The advanced instruction will help prepare and reinforce the preschool learning structure. In addition to warm-ups through songs and chants, Our Early Childhood Specialist will focus on more guided activities with a creative use of props and gross motor equipment such as balls, hoops, balance beams and pony sticks. Each month will spotlight a different sport including baseball, basketball, bowling, volleyball, obstacle courses and more. Toddlers age 24 – 36 months love the Tree House’s big gym during class where together they explore climbing and jumping.

Program Goals:

  • Build muscle strength with stretching/strengthening exercises
  • Engage in balance, strength, and agility activities
  • Prepare/reinforce preschool learning structure
Is your toddler a little younger? See our Sports Safari 1 class designed for toddlers 12 – 23 months!

See what our Tree House members are saying!


I'm noticing that Ben is getting more engaged. Sports Safari seems to be one of his most liked activities that we do. I'm not sure I would change anything because there are always minor changes every class so while we're always following a routine, it's not the exactly the same, which keeps the class interesting. Some days he is very vocal about his excitement in class. Some of Jill’s strengths is her patience and good sense of knowing when the children are getting tired of an activity. She is quick to think of a solution and improvising isn't easy to do with children two years old.

   - Kristin (Nanny)

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